𝚷 Terrestrial Times: April

Interstellar news for terrestrials like you!

Cheops begins to study other worlds!: The Swiss led ESA telescope has started to observe and characterise exo-planets (planets that orbit a star other than our sun). Cheops was launched in December and now, after testing, is adding knowladge to these far-flung planets.

Image credit: esa.int

USA to launch a manned mission from US soil!: On the 27th of May NASA are going to launch a rocket and a space capsule that have been privately designed by SpaceX. This will be the first time for almost a decade that the US have launched a manned mission designed by them and launch from their territory (kennedy space centre)

Image credit: spacex.com

SpaceX to “fix” Starlink satellite brightness!: Responding to a tweet on twitter, Elon Musk says that the problem with the starlink satellites are the angle which the solar panels are at. Additionally, he states that SpaceX is “fixing” it now.

Image credit: phys.org

Hubble is 30 and it’s still got it!: Last month Hubble turned 30 and the whole world celebrated. On it’s birthday Hubble took this extraordinary photo!

Image credit: nasa.gov

Einsteins right again!: Physicists have proved many concepts of Einstein’s general relativity by predicting exactly when a small balck hole would punch through the accretion disk of a much larger black hole.

Image credit: researchgate.net

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