𝚷 Terrestrial Times: February

Interstellar news for terrestrials like you!

Solar Orbiter lifts off! On the 10th of February, the Solar Orbiter launched from Kennedy Space Centre. It sets of to-do close-up studies of the Sun’s magnetic field that lead to extreme solar flares and eruptions.

Image credit: en.wikipedia.org

An Unprecedented Sweep of the Universe to Search for Extraterrestrials! Co-funded between S.E.T.I. (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) and the V.L.A (Very Large Array) in New Mexico, is a new search for intelligence out in the unknown. S.E.T.I. plans to use the V.L.A to do a whole sky survey and use the supercomputer there to process the information.

Image credit: public.nrao.edu

Insight Finally Gives us an Insight! The Mars probe that was launched in November by NASA has started to detect Marsquakes after having problems with it’s mole. The mole is the device on Insight that digs into the martian surface but after landing the mole had problems digging down. It seems to have all been fixed by the crew at NASA for now.

Image credit: mars.nasa.gov

Cookies in Space? Recently the first cookie was baked upon the I.S.S. It was made in the ZeroG oven (an oven specifically designed to work in zero-g). Unfortunately, the astronauts couldn’t eat the cookie as it had to be sent back down to Earth for testing.

Image credit: theverge.com

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