𝚷 Terrestrial Times: March

Interstellar news for terrestrials like you!

NASA’s Mars Rover for 2020 Named! After some time the people at NASA have decided to call their next Mars rover to launch in 2020, perseverance(fitting with the theme of NASA Mars rovers like curiosity)

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Image credit: nytimes.com

A Planet That Rains Iron! Astronomers have found an exo-planet that rains iron. The name of this hellish world is WASP-76b. The droplets of molten iron there is 640 light years away. Astronomers observed this planet using the Echelle SPectograph for Rocky Exoplanets and Stable Spectroscopic Observations (ESPRESSO) fitted to the Very Large Telescope (VLA) in Chile.

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Image credit: newscientist.com

More Gravitational Waves! Scientists have recently gone over past LIGO and VIRGO data using new scientific analasys. Although the data was collected years ago new gravitational waves were discovered and even more are yet to be discovered!See the source image

Image credit: news.mit.edu

Borisov Breaking up? Recently the comet 2I/Borisov was discovered. It was never visible to the unaided eye but what was exciting about it was that the tradectory showed that this comet came from another solar system. After closer inspection the comet seemed like any other comet with a nucleus and ice and dirt. Although, It appeared that this comet was breaking up. No one knows for sure but the evidence points in the direction that it was breaking up!See the source image

Image credit: uk.wikipedia.org

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