Herstmonceux Astronomy Festival Review

Over the past weekend, there was an astronomy festival at Herstmonceux Observatory. This was my second year going and I thought I would give my opinion on it. So to break it down Herstmonceux Astronomy Festival has seven lectures (four on Saturday and three on Sunday), some child-friendly talks, astronomy shops and astronomy societies. Also, there is star-gazing in the old domes and in amateur astronomers telescopes too on Friday and Saturday night. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it on Friday because we were getting back from our holiday in Scotland (I had some bad wifi there so couldn’t add to my website). I did make it to all the lectures, fortunately.

They were all great with some fascinating people as well. They ranged from Weighing the Universe to The Telescopes of the Future. I did interview two of the lecturers (Dr Julian Onions and Professor Carolin Crawford) so stay tuned for that (I was supposed to interview Professor Martin Hendry as well but he couldn’t come because his B.A. flight was cancelled). It was stunning weather as you can tell from the pictures below, so it was another spectacular night on Saturday. Although I wasn’t there people said that Friday night was the best night they have ever had in 15 years! I didn’t want to take any pictures with a DSLR or a phone at night because the flash would ruin peoples night-vision. I stayed in the student accommodation for the night at Bader hall but next year I am looking to camp for two nights.

I also picked up two telescopes there as well. One’s a normal 76mm reflector that someone was selling for £10. But the other one, well that’s a beauty. Apparently, it’s a 60’s 3″ H.N. Irving telescope (search it up because unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures because it is in storage). We picked it up for just £50! I’ve had a look online and these kinds of telescopes go for £450! You never know what you will find at Herstmonceux. If you have any questions about Herstmonceux please leave them in the comments. Anyway, hope you enjoyed today’s blog. Farewell, I will see you in the next one! Oh and also enjoy the pictures!

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