Your First Telescope

If you’re a budding astronomer, picking your first telescope might be the most crucial things in the early days. With it, you decide whether you are going forward with stargazing, whether you want to get into Astro-photography or if you’re just going to stick with no telescope. Getting the wrong one could just give you the wrong impression so don’t fear, is here.

Now to start you are going to need the list the telescopes features and accessories. Now trust me YOU want a tripod. Going forward with astronomy it will prove very handy. Next, you most likely want a refractor over a reflector. The reason is reflector (as you can infer from the name) reflect the light with a big mirror at the end of the telescope into the eyepiece. Over time the mirror slightly changes angles (especially with transporting). It’s quite hard to reangle it yourself and it is quite expensive. With a refractor, there is a small mirror in the eyepiece slot but you can get a better one for £30 that will last a very long time indeed. The only problem with refractors over reflectors is that they gather less light (they have higher magnification though). Although you most likely won’t be bothered by it because it won’t affect planetary viewing and bright deep-sky objects.

You also want a red dot finder to aid finding objects. With that being said I would recommend the new Celestron inspire range. They have a range of apertures and they are affordable. For this example, we are going to use the 80az telescope (£170). Also, a nice addition is that it comes with a built-in smartphone holder for basic Astro-photography.

When buying any telescope you will get some lenses. Although they are very average. Even my telescope that is around £400 came with average lenses. So, I have found some nice lenses that have better optics here they are:

I know these prices look steep but we will get to the money in a moment.

And finally, you want some good filters (to increase contrast on certain objects). Here they are:

  • Skywatcher Lunar and Planetary Filter Set 1.25 inch for Telescope £30.00 (amazon link)

Ok, let’s price things up!

  • Telescope: £170.00
  • Olivon ED Eyepiece: £60.00
  • SkyWatcher 7mm UWA Planetary Eyepiece: £37.00
  • Skywatcher Lunar and Planetary Filter Set 1.25 inch for Telescope: £30.00
  • OVL H-Beta Filter 1.25 inch: £25.00

Total: £322.00

That’s steep for a first telescope, let’s cut back a little.

We don’t need the Olivon ED Eyepiece or the Skywatcher Lunar and Planetary Filter Set 1.25 inch for Telescope.

So our total is now: £232.00. You can cut back as much as you want or go for the cheaper telescope but I think if you stick with this you will get lot’s of momentum and soon enough you could be a skilled amateur astronomer. Anyway, hope you enjoyed today’s blog. Farewell, I will see you in the next one!

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